About Us

IDEX Financial Group LLC is an independent full service investment firm. Our mission is to identify opportunities for our clients in the marketplace with no bias towards product or provider. By providing our clients with insights other advisors have not, we add substantial value to the investment and risk management process. We are committed to this endeavor by constant analysis of macroeconomic conditions and by leveraging the leading experts in banking and finance.

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We are a financial services company that helps individuals and families understand finance, and benefit from that understanding. Our process is focused on educating you and encouraging financial discipline, because what you spend, not what you make will ultimately determine your financial success. We think that great plans are better than great ideas and that execution is more important than planning.

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We will help you to take meaningful action that improves your financial position, regardless of income or assets.Here you will see how we differ from the industry at large and why at IDEX Financial, you should expect more.