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Fee Schedule

Fiduciary account fee schedule:

Advisory Fee

Platform Fee*

Portfolio Fee**



Avg 0.25%


$100k - $750k


* TD Ameritrade - billing, reporting, and all trading costs included
** Based on manager, not investment amount. Portfolio fees range from 0% - 0.50%


Here are three charts of fee averages of advisory accounts by brokerage:

Chart 1: Average Advisory Fee Percentages By Brokerage

This is the fee you pay on your total assets managed by the brokerage company to manage your money and provide financial advice.

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Chart 2: Average Mutual Fund And ETF Expense Ratio By Brokerage

This is the fee you pay as a shareholder of the mutual fund or ETF by brokerage. The fee is paid in hopes the mutual fund or ETF outperforms its benchmark. ETF fees are generally much lower than actively managed mutual funds.

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Chart 3: Average Total Fee By Brokerage

This is the combined total of adviser fee plus mutual fund / ETF fee by brokerage.

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